Former One Direction singer Harry Styles is embroiled in his second row about plagiarism.

The 23 year old faced allegations last month that his new song Ever Since New York sounded remarkably similar to material from the rock band Badfinger.

Now, his latest track Sweet Creature is being compared to iconic band The Beatles. Fans said it reminded them of The Beatles tune Blackbird, which was written by Sir Paul McCartney and released in the Sixties.

Stripped back style

Sweet Creatures has an acoustic guitar introduction, which social media users said sounded as if someone was incorrectly playing the chords to Blackbird. Another said they thought it was going to be a cover of the song until the rest of Harry’s track kicked in.

Another said that Harry had crossed the line from paying tribute to The Beatles to plagiarism.

However, there was also lots of praise for the former 1D star, with Twitter users saying that while it did sound like Blackbird, they were into it.

Previously, fans pointed out that his Ever Since New York track had what sounded like the same baseline as Badfinger’s Baby Blue.

Harry is currently pushing his solo career as the 1D boys pursue individual projects. His debut track hit number one in the UK charts, but could only make it to number four in the Billboard charts.

The  ex boyband star first shot to fame on the British X Factor where he auditioned as a solo act, as did Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson. However, deciding that the boys weren’t right on their own, they were put together by the X Factor judges, to form one of Britain’s most successful boybands ever.

Zayn quit the group in 2015 but Niall recently said that he would not rule out the group getting back together as a trio.

Taylor Swift

Harry has refused to say whether Ever Since New York was written about his ex girlfriend, the country-pop crossover star Taylor Swift.

The pair were seen enjoying a series of cosy dates in New York, only to break up following a huge row on vacation a few months later.

In an interview, he said he could count himself lucky if he had been through had helped to create his new material. He added that what is in his heart is generally what is hardest to talk about. He wouldn’t say who else may have influenced his work.



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