Actor Brad Pitt has given his first major interview since splitting with his wife Angelina Jolie.

The Fight Club star speaks candidly about how he had a drinking problem, but is now sober, and how he feels his divorce was self-inflicted.

Describing himself as an emotional “retard,” he said that his divorce from Angelina has been as painful as a death.

Angelina shocked the celebrity world last year when she filed for divorce from Brad. The pair had previously been thought to be one of the strongest couples in Hollywood.

Private jet altercation

At the time of the split, Angelina, who starred with Brad in Mrs and Mrs Smith, said that it was an altercation which could place between her husband and son Maddox, 15, which led to her making the decision to separate.

Brad has now revealed that he is totally tee-total, instead sipping on Cranberry juice and fizzy water. He has started therapy in order to deal with his alcohol problems. While previously, he said he could drink a Russian under the table, he has now been sober for half a year.

The actor said he now realises that he had “hit the lottery,” but despite all that he had, he was still wasting time on what he described as “hollow pursuits”.


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